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Hello my name is Alexis and I'm in third grade going into fourth.I go to Beaverton schools I have a lot of friends at my school.Also i have to ride the bus to school.After school i go home and at home i have a dog it is a black lab an my brother named it sunny he is cute.I also have a brother named drew and all he does is play video games all day long but he's still a good brother.Then next comes my mom and she is the best cook in the house and she does all the laundry.Last comes my dad even know he does some cooking he's not the best in the house but he's the best dad ever.Oh and i also have friends that aren't in my school or that don't live in Beaverton and they are Haley,catie,maggie,chloe,dannah (my favorite!)

Here's my Chimpanzees Glog

perspective of a chimpanzee
christmas list for a chimpanzee

1. lots and lots if termites
2.thae young chimps-tickled
3.lots of water to drink
4.larger groups
5.twigs to get the termites out if the termite hole rain
7.more babies